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International World Health Day and what this means to us.

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World Health Day

Celebrating World Health Day.


This year, World Health Day 2023 will focus on ‘Health for All,' marking the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). Since its birth, health issues and access to healthcare have been greatly campaigned for by people all over the world on World Health Day. The World Health Organization has a different theme every year to celebrate this day, which is highlighted in schools, the work place workshops, and discussion forums. The day is all about creating awareness for the health issues of the needy and the less fortunate in poor regions around the world, as well as reminding us to be grateful for our health and to better take care of ourselves.

We at Subtle Energies, would like to take a step back and reflect on the year, and remind ourselves of how fortunate we have been to be able to share our journey with you all. Mental Health and gratitude is always at the forefront of what we do.

Our products are backed by over 30 years of clinical research, results-based aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles.

Our product range and treatments are created with the intent to address skin and body concerns, whilst delivering high performance results, empowering one's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We believe in our work, our teams, and what we use with the right intent always. All our products are made in Australia following European standards of natural skincare, therefore creating safe, ethical and effective products.



World Health Day



In addition to this, we believe in the power of the mind. Daily routines such as meditation, or as simple as mindfully walking, or delivering any part of your day with being fully present and extending that throughout your day and evening we believe has a lot of power behind it for mental and physical health. So many of our tools and daily routines at Subtle Energies assist this process of being present and staying calm and grounding within.

Mental health is often most neglected and owing to our stressful lifestyles, it is very important nowadays. Therefore regular meditation and treatments and self care, to maintain oneself are greatly encouraged.

T This is a clip we would like to re-share with you of Farida discussing an Integrative approach to Immunity and Stress.

This is part 1 of a 4 clips series. check all the clips here.




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A detailed explanation of the breast procedure that Farida references

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A demonstration of Nadi Shodhan by Govindaraju Venkatachalam (Raju)

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World Health Day