The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Although he had no formal training in health-care, Bowen became a celebrated Therapist, regularly treating over 13,000 patients a year. In 1974 he invited Oswald Rentsch and later on his wife Elaine to study with him and document his work. They were the only ones who were given permission to teach his work. Four years after Tom Bowen’s passing on, Oswald and Elaine taught this amazing technique to people in several continents. Tom Bowens, assistant Ren Horwood was also responsible in helping Oswald document Tom’s work.

Today Bowen Therapy, known as the original Bowtech, founded by our Gurus (teachers) Oswald and Elaine, is the fastest growing, least intrusive, yet very profound technique in the complimentary Holistic Health sciences field. Bowen is truly a Vibrationary medicine.

The Bowen Technique does not need crutches. The hands, the touch and the breath are all that is needed. Very often I sit back and reflect on what would happen if a catastrophe takes place on a globular level and we are left with no medicines, no oils and no needles. Well, we will hopefully still have our hands and our senses and our connection with the Cosmos.

In Bowen we make gentle rolling moves on specific areas of the body and leave the body to do its own rectification. These specific moves activate the underlying sheath of the muscles, the fascia and the Golgi receptors, which send signals to the brain and the spinal cord. They also activate the meridians and the electromagnetic field of the person. So unlike other treatments wherein we are imposing our will on the client, in Bowen we let the patient’s own electromagnetic field do the work. That is why it is advisable for the practitioner to move away after each set of moves, in order to let the body do its own repair, balancing and healing. We look at the body as the best computer that there is. We the practitioners switch on the lights, boot the computer and the computer then starts processing the files which need to be processed.

Bowen stands on its own and should not be mixed with any tactile or energetic therapy. It is so finely tuned that by mixing it with other modalities the Bowen Technique negates and the other modality takes over.

Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, our Bowen gurus, have thereafter passed this beautiful gift to us and I always recommend this truly incredible technique to be taken up by all my fellow therapists.


Farida has been treating people voluntarily in Mumbai and Pune during her visits to India for several years. When she learnt the Bowen Technique in 1996, she started treating people using the Bowen technique and as the numbers grew, the Cusrow Baug Leagues Club (in a Parsi colony in South Mumbai where Farida comes from originally), Kindly offered their facility to her to run voluntary camps and treat people from all walks of life. Her friend and colleague Dr Hufrish Basta , a well known renowned Homeopath gave her the idea of the club.

Since people were feeling the benefits there was a need to have Bowen practitioners locally.

In 2002 when she gave talks on Bowen therapy, there were a few who claimed to be practicing or teaching Bowen, but to Farida’s dismay neither were they practicing Bowen nor were they trained by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Her dream and her passion was to establish this unique modality and science in India in its true and pure format so that Indians from all walks of life could avail it. Till today she continues running her voluntary works during her visits to India.

The first batch of practitioners qualified in 2004.

Now in 2012, several more practitioners have qualified and we have them in Mumbai, Pune, and since last year, in Bangalore and Delhi.

Vimla Rao, a Fiji born Indian living in Australia was trained by Farida in Sydney as a practitioner and now also as an instructor. She is a visiting Instructor and has trained a few very zealous practitioners in Delhi since 2011.

Farida’s dream has finally come into fruition. Her dedicated team of practitioners have been successfully running their own busy practices and also doing voluntary services with the blind and slum children, the mentally challenged and the disabled on a regular basis carrying on the work that Farida initiated. Freny, Delna, Zeeba, Purnoor and Kaizeen regularly give their time to various NGOS. Shirley through her Yoga has promoted Bowen to many including medical specialists who refer people for Bowen in Mumbai.

She is also training Freny Palia (a practitioner since 2004), to be an instructor in Mumbai.

After all these years of persevering and through the hard yards done by Farida and her team of dedicated Mumbai and Pune practitioners, Bowen is spreading by word of mouth from the results that people are seeing and experiencing and so the need for an Association came about.

With the help of Vikram Doshi, who is Bowen practitioner Kavita’s husband in Pune, the Bowen (Bowtech) Therapy Association of India was formed in 2010.

Farida’s sister in law Zenobia Pajnigar who was the only Bowen practitioner in Pune for several years has now got three very enthusiastic zealous practitioners, Tejal, Kavita and Rashmi to support the tremendous work she undertook all alone and we have three more practitioners in the making in Pune! Zenobia is the national coordinator for India and she is instrumental in encouraging many to learn the Bowen technique.

When people ask who is your best practitioner Farida replies ‘all’ as they all are very competent and she ensures they only qualify when they have achieved the highest standards of being good practitioners on all levels.

Her mission is to see people succeed as practitioners in their clinics and also to do voluntary work by helping our underprivileged society and those less fortunate wherever we can. Being an Ayurveda practitioner, she follows the Ayurveda philosophy that life is all about balance and what better way to achieve this than helping our brethren when they need it.


Farida through promotion of her course on Ayurveda aromatherapy to Sunson college, she inspired founders, Shu yen, and her nieces Felicity and Fanny to learn Bowen. They started their journey enthusiastically and with great determination in 2007.

The first batch of Taiwanese practitioners besides Shu yen and Felicity graduated in 2012. Shuyen’s older sister Mai was one of the graduates and her other older sister Dachi and brother are also on their way to becoming Bowen practitioners. More students are joining in and we have a very authentic Bowen group actively involved in Taiwan through Farida totally supported by Ossie Renstch.


Bowen addresses the body’s Intelligence and helps in bringing about a balance of equilibrium on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. To compliment Bowen technique therapy work as a substitute to Iodex, Subtle Energies created Bowtech Ease to be used by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. It is created to provide effective, yet natural relief from joint pain with the use of specific essential oils chosen for their distinct properties as well as how they respond with your body’s energy.Major components include essential oils of:

• Ginger
• Camphor
• Black pepper
• Eucalyptus
• Lemon grass
• Peppermint
• Cinnamon leaf
• Kunzea

The combination of these amazing oils give this blend a synergy which is gentle, warming, rejuvenating and relieving, thereby having a profound effect on the body, mind and soul. Most of these oils have an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic effect and again the synergy of the combination of these oils gives us the optimum result in relieving pain and inflammation as well as relief from congestion.
Bowtech Ease was specially formulated by Subtle Energies for the Therapy Academy of Australia to compliment Bowtech work as a substitute to Iodex.

Bowen addresses the body’s Intelligence and helps in bringing about a balanceor equilibrium on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.The Bowtech ease Ayurveda Aromatherapy blend is based on the same principles and has been found to be very effective as it works in harmony with Bowen Therapy.


Bowtech Ease has no preservatives, free from parabens, and approved as well as recommended by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. It has a special formulation that aims to:

• Ease pain and discomfort from bunions
• Relieve discomfort due to arthritis
• Relieve skeletal and muscular pain
• Reduce inflammation and risk of infection


Bowtech Ease is to be used externally. Just apply 1-2 drops of Bowtech Ease on the affected area and gently apply and spread with the use of Bowen Technique. The gentle press and release action of the pads of your thumb and fingers will help smooth the oil on the affected area, and the pressure will soon open up your joints and ease the pain as well as swelling. Continue with the massage until the oil is fully absorbed.

Use bowen technique initially twice a day during acute symptoms, then only once a day once symptoms improve.


Pregnant women, Hypertensives and Epileptics 


Bowtech Practitioners must register to purchase Bowtech Ease,
either online or from one of our registered distributors.

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