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Better Together

The perfect bundle with you in mind.

Whether it’s just for yourself, or for two, we have carefully
curated a selection of Valentine’s Day gifts that go Better Together.
For deeply hydrated skin and a sound mind.


Drops of Gold

Juhi Cleanser 100ml + Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream 50ml

Indulge in the timeless romance of skincare with our "Drops of Gold" range. Begin your beauty ritual with our Juhi Cleanser, a delicate infusion to tenderly purify and prep your skin. Followed by our Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream, an exotic blend of mogra extract and 24K Gold, designed to impart a youthful glow that mirrors the radiance of moonlit love.

Buy them together and receive a complementary Pure Rose Hydrosol 100ml*

Bathe & Relax

Tranquility Bath Soak 400g + Relax Body Blend 100ml

Melt all your troubles away with our blissful bath time ritual. Immerse yourself in our signature Tranquility Bath Soak, turning every bath into a spa-like experience that nurtures not just your body, but also your spirit. To further enhance your relaxation, calm your senses with the soothing melody of our Relax Body Blend.

Buy them together and receive a complementary Pure Rose Hydrosol 100ml*

Cleanse & Rejuvenate

Rasayana Wash 300ml + Rasayana Detox Body Blend 100ml

Better together. Begin your journey to revitalised health with our Rasayana Wash, a delightfully refreshing blend that cleanses your skin deeply while retaining its natural moisture. Follow up with our Rasayana Detox Body Blend, a potent formula designed to detoxify and invigorate your body from within. Together, they stimulate a gentle, yet effective detoxification process, helping you feel renewed and vibrant.

Buy them together and receive a complementary Pure Rose Hydrosol 100ml*

Revitalise your Locks

Neem and Coriander Seed Shampoo + Conditioner 300ml

Energise your tresses with our gentle yet effective Neem and Coriander Seed Shampoo and Conditioner duo. Steeped in the nourishing goodness of natural extracts, this combination thoroughly cleanses your scalp and hair, paving the way for healthy growth. Our Neem and Coriander Seed Conditioner works to deeply moisturise, detangle, and imbue your locks with a glossy shine. Together, they form the perfect duo to breathe new life into your hair, promoting vitality from root to tip.

Buy them together and receive a complementary Pure Rose Hydrosol 100ml*

Better Together

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14th February 2024 at 11.59 pm (GMT)

* Receive a complimentary gift with purchase. Our soothing Pure Rose Hydrosol (while supplies last)! In the unlikely event that our stock runs out, you will still be treated to our rejuvenating Soothe Hydrosol Toning Complex. Crafted to cool and hydrate the face, and perfect as a light antioxidant, made with a blend of rare floral waters.